Murder In Protective Custody: Transgenders in Peril Behind Bars

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Who's killing the transgenders at HOJJ-a protective custody facility for gays? Join Vincent Ballinger on his first assignment, as he goes undercover to help identify and capture the serial killer at-large. This recent gay graduate of the Sheriff's Academy gets more than he bargains for, while learning jail protocols and behavior. The Hall of Jurisdiction Jail was operated by the County of Los Angeles, and is filled with heterosexuals awaiting trials on one floor, and a protective custody facility filled with gay men, bisexuals, transgenders and pre-op transsexuals, on the remaining two floors of HOJJ. Follow the journey of the gay rookie undercover deputy during his investigation to find answers for his superiors. He's not only a rookie within the Sheriff's Department, but a rookie in the world of being gay, having recently come out of the closet and not knowing much about the lifestyle. This novice gay is quickly educated on gay behavior and varying personalities by his wild, creative and dangerous tier mates on Row 1962, where victims are being selected from. Read how Ballinger's row mates deal with a crazed killer amongst them, and why their fate has landed them in this protective custody facility where no one's safe. Learn how gay criminals relate to each other confined behind bars, and find comfort from the madness surrounding them. They cling to each other not only for intimacy, but for safety and protection from a madman who leaves no clues. Join Ballinger as he risks his life to protect the transgenders, who have not only become his friends, but more importantly, targets of a ruthless madman on a killing spree, in this graphically fascinating, sensual and intriguing murder mystery. Time becomes Ballinger's enemy as the madman loses more of his demented mind every day, and the time between murders increases as a result. Find out how this maniac exacts his vengeance on transgenders during his psychopathic rages one minute, and in the next minute, becomes the model inmate- sedate, calm and totally undetectable. Not only will you enjoy the story from the protagonist's point of view, you'll also be the facilitator in charge of HOJJ, and experience the ultimate responsibility of maintaining safety for the deputies and inmates, keeping them safe from the psychopath, and the inherent stress of that position. You'll also get to know what's inside the madman's mind, and his mental demons that provoke him to kill. He's inspired to live by killing transgenders, surviving from one sadistic murder to the next. His existence is prolonged by connecting each murder together, and linking the behavior of each victim to some loathsome act of his abusive dead mother who he wanted to kill before she died unexpectedly. He knows he will never be a free man again, so killing transgenders provides pleasure to his painfully confined reality. And as agonizing as his life is, the madman finds joy maintaining his masquerade of sanity, and deceiving everyone at HOJJ. This non-traditional murder mystery exposes the serial killer early in the novel. But don't let that discourage your mystery-solving hunger. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, will be to determine who the psychopath's next victim will be, and when, where and how he intends to murder that victim. This story will certainly raise eyebrows, as nothing is held back. Sections of the book may seem sexually explicit. However, it is not written to offend, but to provide an accurate depiction of what takes place in protective custody. The cast of inmates and deputies is large, but don't let that frustrate you. Join their family and share in this wild adventurous journey with Vincent Ballinger and meet his row mates with him, one-by-one. Following this page are Floor Plans for each of the three floors at HOJJ. To make the large cast of characters easy to digest and remember, Cell Assignment sheets appear before each chapter to help you track who's currently on Row 1962, for yo - from Amzon 
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